As of November 2nd, Copeland is no longer accepting pre-orders for Ixora on our website. If you need support with your existing order, please see below.  However, Ixora is now available for pre-order via iTunes.

Has my digital version of the record been sent out yet?
Yes. The pre-order digital version of Ixora was emailed out on November 14th. If you haven't received it, make sure to check your Spam/Junk folders.

Has my physical pre-order been sent out yet (vinyl, CD, t-shirt, etc)?
No, and we are deeply sorry for the delay.

What's the hold up?
There's been several issues that have played a factor in the delay of physical fulfillment. For one, we were late in finishing the actual recording of the TWIN version of the album. We went as quickly as we could, but we were careful to not rush the process in a way that would jeopardize the quality of the content. But we're extremely excited with the way it came out, and cannot way to share it with you. We've also had several massive delays on the manufacturing side, particularly with our vinyl record, as well as packaging for the TWIN. Some of our issues have been unforeseen, including even the theft of a shipment of product. We are working quickly to get these issues resolved.

Who is to blame for the delay?
The four of us are, and no one else. Tooth & Nail is on board to help release Ixora on the retail side and be a strategic partner, but they are having no hand in the manufacturing or fulfillment of the pre-order we did here on our site. We are handling this aspect completely ourselves so the blame falls on us. We chose the manufacturers of the various products and we are in contact with them ourselves. Some of the delays have been out of our control, while other delays have been due to misunderstandings/miscommunication. We are disappointed with these delays, as we are sure you are, too. We can't wait for everyone to have the products in their hands as soon as possible.

When can I expect things to ship?
As of right now, we are slated to have all of the manufactured goods in our possession by the middle of December. We are hoping we incur no more delays despite the holidays arriving shortly. We will be shipping out all items as soon as everything has been manufactured and is in our possession. We want the physical version in your hands as much as you do. Despite all the delays, we are really excited with how the products are turning out.

Is the Tooth & Nail CD version of Ixora the same as my pre-order version?
No. The pre-order version of Ixora that we are manufacturing and shipping ourselves has a bonus song and limited edition packaging that the retail T&N version does not have.

Anything else?
Again, we are deeply sorry for the delay. We hope that receiving the digital version of the album early helps pass the time as we finish getting the physical orders ready. Thank you again for all your support. This record exists because of all of you.

Please let us know of any address changes you incur between placing your order and the estimated ship date. If you need to update your shipping address, or if you have other support related questions about the Copeland Ixora pre-order, please click the "pre-order help" link below.

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